About Us

‘The modern artist fights to contribute to human happiness, truth or justice. He works to improve the world.’

Berger, J. (1989) A painter of our time. New York: Pantheon Books, p.144.

The Utopia Project is an art and literature zine, publishing work that uses its creative voice to speak to the political realities that we face, as individuals and in our communities, and to put forward a positive vision of what lies ahead.

Art is an important part of any political movement, it can create emotional responses and connect with people’s experiences in a way that political tracts and essays can never manage. This is not to say that art must be explicit for it to be political. Showcasing the subtleties of the day-to-day, capturing the commonality of experience, can often draw the most profound responses. This is an optimistic endeavour. Our aim is to offer space for creatives to put forward work that shows the realities of their world, the violence and injustice, and to offer something better, something hopeful.

Our team

James Middleton is a multi-disciplinary artist who focuses on creating audio-visual work, manipulated and generated through a hybrid of both digital and analogue mediums. Through the misuse of computer software and the utilisation of today’s outdated technology, he applies techniques within his practice to play with the concepts of chance and control within art.

Christopher James is a writer and poet from Birmingham. He has self-published a small collection of poetry called West Highland Way (2019). His current work focuses on issues of class, upbringing, and urban life.

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