Current Issue

Issue One puts forward responses to this extract from Peter Currell Brown’s Smallcreep’s Day. The artwork and writing in this issue denotes our day-to-day experiences of time, work, and prisons, offering a perspective that is equal parts desperate and optimistic, grounded and ethereal, radical and commonplace.

We have featured the work of 26 different artists and writers, from 12 different countries, in this issue, making it a truly international effort. The quality of the work shines through in this issue, and we are so pleased to have been able to work with so many talented creatives.

Taking time

Time passes l o u d l y in rooms like this. There’s a resonance to each movement of the hand, human or clockwork, and every dash, tick, and period echoes echoes across across the white space that surrounds it. The gaps between the seconds , between pen and paper, are futures waiting to beContinue reading “Taking time”

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