Terms and Conditions

The Utopia Project is an art and literature zine, publishing work that uses its creative voice to speak to the political realities that we face, as individuals and communities. We encourage submissions from unpublished/emerging artists and those from under-represented backgrounds in the arts.

Please read through this page carefully before you submit your work.


We currently only accept work that is previously unpublished. We are happy to accept simultaneous submissions but please notify us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

All submissions must be your own work and you should hold all rights.


By submitting to this journal, you are granting us permission to publish your work. we retain the right to publish work submitted in future issues/anthologies. You will be consulted before this happens.

If accepted, we will proofread your work and may suggest edits if appropriate.

All artists will retain full control over the work submitted in this journal.

We ask that you credit The Utopia Project if the work is subsequently published elsewhere.


All contributors will receive a copy of the magazine.

We aim to pay our contributors, whilst maintaining our viability as an independent magazine. Our payment policy is as follows:

Three months following publication, we will calculate the profit made from each issue. Of this profit, 50% will be retained by the Utopia Project and the other 50% will be distributed equally amongst contributors.

For example, if Issue 1 makes £500 profit and there are 30 contributing artists, £250 will be kept by the Utopia Project and £250 will be split equally.

250/30 = £8.32 per contributor.

As we are a new magazine, this is all still very much a work in progress. If we are able to give our contributors more support in future, we will endeavour to do so.


All data is stored securely. We will only ask for information that is relevant and necessary. For those submitting, we will only keep your details if you are successful and will store them for a maximum of two years. No data will be shared with third parties.

With the true artist, the social formula that he recommends is a matter of secondary importance; the source of his art, its animating spirit, is decisive.

Rosa Luxemburg

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